Methylation, Why It Matters

What is methylation? Methylation is a chemical process that happens in every cell.
This process is:
  • VITAL for energy production
  • Making and Repairing DNA
  • Eye health
  • Making neurotransmitters for mental health
  • Detoxification of chemicals, Hormones and Heavy metals
  • Keeping our immune system healthy

Methylation, or the process of adding or removing a “methyl group”, turns our genes ON or OFF. Bottom line is we need our methylation processes to be working correctly to optimize our health!

Genetically, many have difficulty making the enzymes involved in methylation.  We can test this using the Strategene genetic test which decodes your genome.  Blood test for MTHFR is available from standard labs.  Testing MTHFR does not give the whole picture of the methylation pathway.
Those who have the MTHFR genetic SNP or defect (over 60% of the population) are predisposed to increased risk of cardiovascular disease, auto-immune conditions, blood clots, cancer and mood disorders.  I have been studying genetics and can now effectively interpret these tests to help bypass the genetic issue(s) you may have.  If you have test results or want to be tested, please give us a call to schedule a genetics consult.
How to get clues to whether your methylation is working
– blood test including CBC – check MCV, if it is above 95
– blood homocysteine – optimal 6-7
– urine or blood methylmalonic acid – indicates true b12 status
– urine organic acids – to find out your B vitamin status
What can I do now to help my methylation cycle?
Nutrients needed:
– methylfolate or 5-MTHF
– methylcobalamin (active b12)
– riboflavin-5-phosphate (active b2)
– pyridoxal-5-phospate (active b6)
– choline
– vitamin D3
Other things I can do:
– avoid toxins by going fragrance free, removing heavy metals, eating organic, wild, grass-fed
– eat dark leafy greens, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, avocado, asparagus daily
– exercise daily
– avoid excessive coffee drinking (less than 5 cups)
– avoid excessive alcohol drinking (drink less than 3 per week)
– avoid smoking as it depletes B6


The body talks to us in signs and symptoms.  How do we know we are becoming imbalanced?  Our body is wise, and will tell us.  But will we listen?  And will we then take action? The key is to catch things early.  Once we notice, we can look inward and find out what we did that caused that issue and change it.  If you need help, I am here as a guide for you.  Learn more about Naturopathic philosophy