The healing power of water

Sometimes stimulating healing can be SIMPLE! 

When hot water touches our body, the blood at the surface moves deeper inside.  Then when cold water touches, blood is drawn to the surface.  This pumping action is beneficial because it moves blood which is detoxifying.  The movement brings nutrients to the area and removes toxins.   This simple remedy method can be used for many conditions.  For example, if you have a sore throat, you can put a cold compress on your throat, and cover it with wool.  This will draw out the heat from your sore throat.  Your body will move blood to the surface to warm the cold cloth, drawing the pain or “heat” from your throat.  This blog article gives the details http://www.natural-health-restored.com/heating-compress.html

Another type of hydrotherapy you can do at home is called Contrast hydrotherapy .  Here you are using repeated cycles of hot and cold to stimulate healing in a particular are of your body.  Perfect for sore joints, menstrual cramps, ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow. 

Do you take a hot shower in the morning?  Well one great way to utilize the power of water is to finish your lovely hot shower with 30 seconds of COLD water.  Invigorating!  Your body will be warm enough from the hot, to handle the cold.  You will stay warmer on a cold day and healthier all winter if you do this simple exercise. 

In the office we offer Constitutional Hydrotherapy.  This procedure is done by a medical assistant or myself while you are laying in a relaxing environment.  In addition, this therapy uses slight electric pulses to stimulate liver and bowel movement.  It is very effective to stimulate immune system and detoxification.

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What is your water doing to your health?

When it comes to healthy living, what are the most important things to consider?  Water always comes up in my conversations with patients.  How much water do you drink?  I also need to consider the quality of the water.  After reading this drinking water article , you too will fully understand how important it is to pay attention to what is in the water you are drinking every day.  The best water filter system I have found is one that has a resin filter for arsenic and fluorine (especially important for Arizonans).  In addition, it needs a carbon filter for chlorine, pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides, and improves taste.  Finally, a KDF filter removes metals and micro-organisms.  Here is a link to a good choice for water filter . How much water should we drink?  Half your body weight in ounces is a general guideline.  So if you weigh 140 pounds, you need to drink a minimum of 70 ounces of good quality mineral rich water.  Here is an eye-opening link about cell hydration and cancer . One of the most common thing that I prescribe for patients is minerals.  It is common knowledge that due to deficient soil, the mineral content of our food is not what it used to be.   The World Health Organization has published this information.  We need magnesium, potassium, calcium and many others.  Magnesium  is the most common mineral deficiency.  We need to supplement and the best way is to add liquid minerals to our water.  If you are feeling burdened by toxicity, you may want to read this document on toxin avoidance  or get an evaluation at my office in preparation for doing a personalized detoxification protocol.
Remember for a free consult , contact the office at 480-607-0299, or email me directly.  I’d love to talk to you!  Check out our Facebook page and follow our feed on twitter .