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The Science behind Raspberry Ketones

Who can resist the beauty of a red raspberry?  Their aroma is just as nice.  And what an amazing discovery, the power of the ketone molecule in that aroma!  Raspberry ketones are very small molecules called “phenols”.  They are found in raspberries, and also cranberries, 200px-Raspberry_ketoneblackberries, and anise.  Here is a little bit of the science behind the miracle of raspberry ketones.

Studies show Raspberry Ketones (RK) increase the breakdown of fat tissue directly with these two methods:

  1. Increasing the secretion of adiponectin in fat cells
  2. Increasing norepinephrine induced hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL)

Adiponectin is a hormone secreted by fat cells.  It is found in high amounts in thinner people and lower amounts in those that are overweight.  Adiponectin increases glucose uptake by the cells, increases insulin sensitivity, protects blood vessels from damage, and stimulates the break down lipids in fat tissue.   This shows promise for persons with Type 2 Diabetes, which is increasing in developing countries, and often exists undiagnosed.  Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) or fatty liver is a condition related to diabetes, RK shows promise in protecting the liver from damage, improving cholesterol profiles, reversing insulin resistance and increasing overall anti-oxidant capacity.

What else can increase adiponectin?  Daily low mercury fish intake, a high fiber diet, and plenty of exercise!

Hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL) is needed to move fat stores into usable energy forms.  It is stimulated by norepinephrine, and inhibited by insulin.  Overweight or obese individuals (pre-diabetic) often have high levels of insulin, which makes it difficult for them to lose weight.  RK has been shown to stimulate HSL to move from the inside of the cell to the fatty tissues to break them down.   These findings were from animal studies, no human trials could be found.

What else can increase hormone sensitive lipase?  Aerobic exercise!

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Detox and lose weight with the far infrared sauna

Our world is full of toxic chemicals.  Never before have such large numbers of people been exposed daily to chemicals from building materials, home furnishings, food additives, solvents, pesticides, insecticides, heavy metals, phenols, formaldehyde, BPA’s, PCB;s and VOC’s.  These are found in hundreds of products we touch every day.  The problem is that these toxins accumulate in the body, commonly in the adipose or fat tissue, and eventually make us sick.  Toxins in the body are known to be part of the underlying cause of the following conditions.  Ever wonder if you are toxic?  Take the Toxicity Questionnaire and find out.

Some of the chronic illnesses associated with toxicity:


Chronic fatigue syndrome

Rheumatoid arthritis

Auto-immune conditions



Chronic pain

FIR sauna therapy is an effective way to get these toxins out of the body and heal from these chronic diseases.  FIR stands for Far Infra-Red, which are rays from the sun.

Recently, Oprah Winfrey, featured an FIR sauna on her show as a “life extension” device.  Dr. Oz, who was featured on the show, explained how the FIR can burn up to 700 calories in an hour.  The FIR also helps increase circulation, promote healing of tissues, lower blood pressure, and remove toxins through the skin.

Imagine relaxing in a sauna for 10-30 minutes 3-4 times per week and greatly benefiting your health at the same time.  The FIR sauna is not like regular dry or wet sauna found in health clubs. Sauna therapy with far-infrared sauna is quite unique.

How do the Far Infra-Red rays work in the body?  How are they different?

Far-infrared (FIR) rays are beneficial to the body by causing a physical phenomenon called cellular “resonance”.  This resonance invigorates the cells, promotes metabolism, blood circulation and cellular renewal.  Increased metabolism means that the cells use more energy, and release more waste products.  Fat soluble toxins are stored in fatty tissues of the body which are under the skin.  The FIR rays penetrate a few inches into the body, into the fatty tissue and stimulates the cells to release these toxins.  When the body sweats, these toxins are released.  Research studies confirm that toxins are released during sauna treatment.  The urine samples taken after sauna treatment  is complete contain less toxins.  

Other natural “side effects” or benefits of FIR sauna therapy include reducing pain in the body, blood pressure, joint stiffness, relief from muscle spasms, tissue healing, cellular rejuvenation and weight loss.  

Not all FIR saunas are alike.  Contact Dr. Wells to discuss the pro’s and con’s of various sauna’s prior to purchase. 

Check out Zazen Health Solutions for interesting research information or Heartspring for my research article on the subject.

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Why can’t I lose weight?

Often I am faced with patients who desperately want to let go of extra pounds, but just can’t seem to do it.  Bless their hearts, they have tried every diet, every strategy, exercised 2 hours per day and don’t lose a pound.  Fortunately, when looking at these patients through the lens of naturopathic medicine, I can help.  Each person is unique.  Each has a different reason.  Today I would like to share with you how I look for underlying causes of weight challenges.

First, one must check for hormone imbalances.  Suboptimal hormones can put you in a “freeze zone” in regards to weight loss.  Second, one must put a plan together to optimize the body chemistry so it returns to its natural state… and natural size. Thyroid is a hormone that controls metabolism or how much energy is used in the resting state.  Most doctors check different markers and have different ranges.  So this change can make an extraordinary difference in how one feels.

Fatigue, weight gain, depression, constipation, hair loss, cold sensitivity, high cholesterol are symptoms of suboptimal thyroid function. Adrenal glands control our energy and respond to stress.  If you happen to be fatigued after a nights rest, you may consider evaluating your adrenal function.  Stress increases the hormone cortisol which increases cravings, especially for sugar and fat.  It also makes the body store fat in the abdominal area, around the vital organs.  So under-active adrenals make us too tired to get in our full workouts, and excessive adrenal function makes us eat the wrong foods! Inflammation is when the body is in “alarm” mode.  This produces excess water weight.  If you have stiffness in your hands and feet in the morning, or chronic pain, think inflammation.  There are many, many causes of inflammation, and the causes are different for each and every one.  If all major inflammatory diseases are ruled out, the best way to control inflammation is through diet.

First, I use food intolerance testing to find exactly what foods and food combinations are causing inflammation.   Second, I will recommend moving toward an anti-inflammatory diet.  Third, I check morning fasting insulin.  Insulin is a hormone that controls blood sugar and so much more.  If insulin is high, losing weight is difficult.  Why would insulin be high you ask?  If sugar is in your blood and you are not using it for energy (sedentary), then your will secrete insulin to lower blood sugar.  With our habits, we will teach our pancreas how much insulin we need on a daily basis.  If we have a history of eating high carb meals or snacks, we most likely will have high insulin.  Our cells get tired of insulin always knocking to let more glucose into the cells, then it becomes resistant – insulin resistant. There are specific diets and monitoring needed in this case.  Insulin also controls lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides, etc).

Once all these are in check, then the answer to weight loss is simply in input vs. output!

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